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Ticketing Platform

Expand Technology creates in December 2020 a unique and innovative ticketing platform: MyEvent.
Flexible and user-friendly, 100% customizable, 100% Mauritian.

A service you can't imagine ever doing without it again !

Via our online platform, we offer event organisers (festivals, culture, markets, courses, parties, sports competitions, theatre, etc.) the possibility to publish their event on our ticketing platform and to create their own "mini-site".

Offerering a digital and personalised platform.

Through the mini-site, the organiser can navigate between different templates that best suits his image and his desires.

Once the site is online, the organiser has secure access to his dashboard to access his data

(ticket sales, customer category, buyer preferences, etc).
Plus, our service is available live during the event!
The organiser has live access to his data, allowing him to modify his offer during the event.

A flexible service that helps the organiser to maneuver his wishes.

But MyEvent doesn't stop there.

What if we offer you an access control at your entrance with an electronic bracelet system, allowing you to offer your customers digital payment?


Offering your customers a bracelet at the entrance to your event (personalised bracelet),

Then, the customer can pay for their consumption inside the event (drinks, food, goods).

You will be able to forget about the risks of fraud or errors.

To recharge the bracelet, nothing could be simpler.

The customer can pay at the kiosk set up by MyEvent which instantly recharges the bracelet.

If the customer has a phone with NFC technology (as from iphone6 for example),

he can recharge his bracelet himself without going through the kios, via the mobile app !


Say goodbye to the queue at the bar, at the checkouts, or even at the entrance.

According to your wishes, we can allow customers to pre-order your services.

For example, are you proposing a festival with unique offers on hotel rooms or drink packages? No problem, the offer can then be integrated into your mini-site.

Your customer can then book/pre-order everything before your event starts!

Thanks to the analysis of your data, we offer you an Business Intelligent and Data mining template after your event, so that the next one can be even more impressive.


Meet MyEvent ambassador, Oxy !

The ambassador of MyEvent, the most partying Deer on the Island.


And Guess What ? MyEvent is available Worldwide...

With our e-payment service, we provide you a full assistance :

Sur mesure.png


Flexible model that suits your business and needs

Services complet.png

Complete Service

A full support throughout the use of the service


Report Management

Report and statement generation


High Security

3DES security standard and codes

Online and offline.png

Online & Offline

Instant access


Cloud Storage

Data storage on site or on cloud


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and analytical tools

Any Devices.png

Any Device

Back Office.png

Back Office

Data processing


(tablets, smartphones, laptops)



Program management  from the delivered interfaces

Discover MyEvent Platform !

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